The “Way Home” is teaching the small children to care for the environment

The small children from the “Sprout” center of the “Way Home” Foundation are learning to deal with the living world around them from early age. In the middle of April the children of the center had planted the seeds in their small personal containers and waited for a months for the seeds to start growing. Now the time for the sprouts to be planted in the soil. The children planted their tiny little sprouts of flowers and will water them and start observing, how they grow.

«By planting their own flowers, the children learn to understand that all leaving creatures need care and that the plants will grow accordingly on how the children will care about them. The teachers of the “Sprout” Center hope that the children will grow kind and receptive”, – the teachers say.

We remind that “Sprout” center is welcoming the children from the IDP families. The center is in constant need of simple things like office supplies, developing games, toys, shoes and clothes for the children.



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