The Way Home is welcoming guests

The representatives of the German charity foundation «Sternstunden» (Munich, Germany) visited “The Way Home”.

Mrs. Beate Blaha, the manager for the social projects of the «Sternstunden» with a team had visited “The Way Home” in order to make a TV documentary film about the Foundation – in order to collect money for the projects of “The Way Home”.  Specifically, Beate and her colleagues were interested in the theme of the IDP families, escaping from the military areas of Ukraine. As Mrs. Blaha said, it is planned to release the 2 short films that will be on air at the Bavarian TV in order to collect finances for the projects supporting IDP children and families. For two days – September 22 and 23 – Beate and her team were filming and collecting the nessesary materials in the IDP center “The Bridge”. At the end of her visit Beate had shared her impressions from the passed days. She had pointed that “The Way Home” Foundation is making a tremendous work in the fields of social help not only to the IDP families and children, but also to the poor and crisis families and children of Odessa region. « Your team is just great. You are really do your best to help everyone who is in need. I understand that it is hardly possible to fully help everyone who is applying for help, but you really try to do this impossible thing. I hope that the money that we hope to collect by showing the documentary about you – will help you project to develop».

The note: The Foundation “The Way Home” started working with children from the IDP families, escaping from the war actions in the regions of Ukraine –  in June 2014. First the shelter was given to the families from Lugansk and Donetsk regions of the country. Right now the 2 centers for the IDP families are operating (“Rostok” and “Kuyalnik”). Also social work goes on in the “Open Doors” and “Bridge to the Future” centers.

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