The “Way Home” supports the opening of the “Child-friendly room” at the police office.

May 24, 2018. The opening of the “Child-friendly room” took place in Khmelnistki department of Juvenile police of Odessa.

The room is meant to provide prevention services for the children, who became the victims of the home violence (bulling and mobbing), children with crime-behaviour and children from difficult families.

Any child who happen to find oneself (for any reason) an the police office, will be able to receive here the councelling, an advise from the specialist, to attain some important information, including the videos, spent time with a meaning.

«”Way Home” was technically helping the police office, providing furniture for the room, and the artist of the Fund, Ekaterina Shadrina, painted the walls there», — said Natalia Vegrian,the project manager of the “Way Home”.




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