There is a Financial Basement!

December, 14. 2017. The working group of the pilot project “Sustainability of the HIV Services” delivered a meeting with the head of the financial department of the Belgorod-Dnestrovski city council, Viktor Minchev. The theme of the meeting was the year budget of the project from the side of the government.

It was in October. 2016, that the city council had approved the Sustainability project for the 2017-2020 that has been prepared with the support of the consultancies of the project. And now this program attained the financial support. The program events were put into the annual budget. More then 36 000 ghr were donated to the rapid HIV testing systems, 50000 ghr – to fulfill the social services, 10000 ghr – on the co-financing of the program of the replacement therapy for the patients with the opioid drug dependency.
More finances will be transferred to form the points of testing in the family therapist offices in Zatoka and Sergeevka settlements.
“The mentioned financing shows that the city administration really cares about the health of the city members, especially the ones from the risk groups. Also the gathered work of the pilot project team made us realize that we can really beat the epidemics of HIV in the city, – said Leonid Kondratyuk, the deputy of the city Council, the head of the budget unity and the head of the Venerological Hospital of the city.
As it is known, the international donors, who used to donate for the HIV prevention programs in Ukraine, will cut their financing starting from 2017.Thats is why it is highly important that the state takes responsibility for the sustainability of the HIV prevention programs ahead. The state financing is quite real, the main thing is to let the government know all the aspects of the problem and the ways to solve them, because the lives of people stand behind them.

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