Treatment of virus hepatitis C

OСF “The Way Home”, together with the regional center for HIV prevention, taking part in second wave of viral hepatitis C treatment with “Sofosbuvir”. 30 schemes have already received. For the actual moment a selection of clients that will receive the treatments, is organized.

According to 2015, statistics of World Health Organization, counted the number of infected people with hepatitis that has reached to 185 million. Annually, this disease kills about 350 thousand of people. As for Ukraine, in our country, hepatitis epidemic grows every year. Information that is presented by the experts, is very distressing – about 5% of Ukrainians (more than 2 million of people) are infected with hepatitis C, but among vulnerable groups, the rate of infection is much higher. The first large-scale testing of vulnerable groups on viral hepatitis C in Ukraine was conducted in 2009 by the International Charitable Foundation “Public Health Alliance”, and OCF “The Way Home”, as one of the main partners of “Alliance”, conducted tests in Odessa region. Since 2011, in framework of the promotional campaign “We Demand Treatment!” Were held testing on hepatitis C for whole local population, and at the beginning of 2013, Ukrainian government approved the first State Target Program aimed at prevention, diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis.
But following program, mostly exists only on paper – for the actual moment, our government is not able to provide treatment to all those who are in need. From state budget, it is financed, only the curative component, and even then, only by 20% percent. Therefore, thousands of Ukrainians rest without treatment and are unable to pay from their own pockets, even not only for treatment (costs about 50 thousands of UAH), but also the diagnosis of viral hepatitis (costs about 50 thousands of UAH).
In early 2015, “Public Health Alliance”, due to international donors, has purchased the first batch of medicines for viral hepatitis treatment with lowest prices. At the same time he launched the first wave of treatment with “Sofosbuvir”, and with the second wave, OCF “The Way Home” has joined the project.
Stepan Koisa, coordinator of the treatment of hepatitis C direction says that this project is held in cooperation with the regional center for HIV prevention: “We have received 30 schemes” of Sofosbuvir medicine – 15 of it are for 3 months, and the same amount for 6 months. Together with HIV prevention center, is made up, so-called “schedule for anticipant clients”, that is organized for representatives of risk groups who are in need of treatment. At the moment, there is a list of about a hundred of people, and a total number of medicines are only 30, so for the treatment of those patients, will be selected from vulnerable groups, only of last stage of fibrosis (F3 and F4) ».
Stepan also noted that “following project will run until October of this year, and if everything will go well, the clients treatment will continue within the framework of the third wave, during its preparation courses, it is planned to receive much more than now.”
We also would like to add that before the State Target Program, “The Way Home” Foundation was involved in testing for hepatitis C of risk groups and local population, as well as viral hepatitis B vaccination of risk groups. “Starting from year 2013, our organization has being implemented more projects, at the center of which, is the client and not the problem – said Stepan Koisa. – The treatment of hepatitis C project, with elements of case management is one of such projects. ”
Reference: Hepatitis – is an inflammation of liver, and can be self-threatened, or lead to the development of fibrosis (scarring), liver cancer or cirrhosis. There are five main hepatitis viruses, referred by types A, B, C, D and E. All of these types represent a great danger for human health, and can lead to serious complications or death. Hepatitis B and C are the most common causes of cirrhosis and liver cancer.

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