Ukrainian street soccer team participated in the Homeless World Cup 2017

Ukrainian street soccer team, that was formed from the people living in difficult life circumstances, took part in the Homeless World Cup. The team had returned from Oslo the Cup without real prizes, but still, the event became an important social event of a  global level in frames of the social adaptation of the people in difficult life situations.

The team came to Oslo in a good sportive shape, but still, the teams were very strong and our team could not break through the second round of the Cup, taking the 3rd place in its group of the round, with the score of 11 goals.

The team from Chile scores the same number of goals, but could break through the round, because their general goals difference was better. If the Cup was playing the play-off, Ukrainians would break through the round, but according to the fair-game rules of the Cup only one team should be chosen. The four players of the Ukrainian team were disqualified and the team had to play on with a cut team. In the parallel games – for those teams that were out of the Cup – Ukraine took 7th place.

The attendance of the Ukrainian team at the Homeless World Cup Oslo 2017 became possible due to the support of the Odessa restaurant «Altenhof», Tools company and the  Norvegian society of Odessa (leaded by Mr. Evan Yar).

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