Uneasy life of an unusual child

Usually it is the parents that bring the child to the early development center “Sunrise”, but in case of Nikita, it was different. Nikita came to the center together with his friend Dima, who is 6 and who usually come to the “Sunrise”.

Nikita could not say anything about either himself or the parents, and even the most simple tests  could not reveal anything – the boy was so much neglected. One could see that the parents do not care about the child at all.
The center specialists went to the child’s home to find out more about the life of Nikita.  They have found out the child was, basically, all by himself, – the mother could escape for a few days and never come to him. The grandmother was also not in contact with the child’s life.  The specialists of the center tried to explain the grandmother that Nikita has to come to school soon, but he cannot read or write at all. Even more – he can hardly speak! Finally, grandmother could agree that the child comes to the center, but only if the she or the mother would bring him there themselves.

The boy was completely neglected by the parents.

The specialists of the center started working with Nikita, it was urgently needed – his mental development was at the level of a 3-year old child. The speech specialist and psychologist started adapting the child to the other children and teaching him to speak. Gradually, Nikita started to take part in the common activities of the children of the center, while the teachers also worked on the level of his knowledge. After some months of active intervention, Nikita started talking clearly and was learning to read and write. After 6 months he could read and write by himself and showed a very high interest in learning, being able to catch new information instantly. Also, he got interested in English, taking lessons within the activities of the center. The English teacher said that he had never meet that kind of linguistically talented student before.

In parallel to this all, the specialists of the center were having the work with the parents of the child. They have described, how to treat a boy right, how to properly take care of their child, and many other things. At first it was hard to touch the parents with their interventions – their life of a totally different values was much more common for them. But persistency of care ad time changed the parents. It was finally possible to transmit the idea that the child is the most important thing in the life of a mother and a grandmother. They started to take care of Nikita more and even took active part in the life of the center: the grandmother is helping to prepare the events for the children, the mother is trying to spent all her time with the boy now, taking him back home right after the work.


In 6 months the boy started writing and reading and attained great interest in studies.

In September Nikita will start going to school, although half a year ago it was hard to believe that this boy will ever be able to go to school. The efforts of the specialists of the center were right and the result can b seen easily by anyone. Nikita is growing the good, active and smart boy. He sais he even doesn’t want to change the center for the school, because he has many good friends here among the children and the staff. But he understands that he needs to study and put effort to grow on.



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