Valentine’s Day!

On the eve of a lovely holiday – Valentine’s Day, kids of the Foundation were visited by guests from chain of hyper market “Auchan”. In 12th February all kids with the guests participated in preparations of master-classes of handmade valentines.  

As it is known on Valentine’s Day, valentines in shapes of a heart are gifted to our lovers and friends. Exactly such cute things were made by the kids with their friends and representatives of hyper market chain of “Auchan”, their visits to Way Home Foundation became a real tradition. The master-classes were organized under guidance of Children’s Center educator and specialist of handmade workshops – Olga Yakovleva. It should be pointed out that there is no exhibition or fair in Odessa that didn’t present the handmade souvenirs of the Foundation kids and their pedagogue. Concerning the actual master class – while an hour all kids with the guests were making valentines and other cute accessories that were gifted to friends and lover as soon as it was done. At the termination of a holiday, guests have gifted a lot of sweets that were very suitable for such event.

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