Visiting Biopark

January 26. 2017. Children from the “Way Home” Foundation visited Odessa Biopark.

Biopark of Odessa – is a recently opened modern Zoo with more than 25 animal species. Children saw the lions, wolves, giraffes, took photos of the friendly lamas and dwarf sheep, and watched the turtles, lemurs and capuchins.

Children dreamt to see the bear, but he was in hibernation until spring. But even though, the excursion became a real holiday for the children, especially they liked taking part in feeding the lions and tigers.

The excursion to Biopark became possible thanks to the help of the “Ukrainian Sea Party”, the state congressman Sergey Kivalov and the city depute Alexei Kislovski.

We would like to thank these gentlemen for their help in making children happy!

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