Visiting the “Good Samaritan”

January 25, 2017. The children of the “Way Home” visited the Charity Fund “Good Samaritan”.

Once a year the “Good Samaritan” Fund is organizing a big party for the children from Odessa internat schools and orphanages. The party is organized in frames of the charity project “Collect a present to the orphan”. Children from the “Way Home” are always being invited to this annual event.  This year apart from distributing the presents, the celebration included the theatrical play. Children were very happy to participate in the event and shared their impressions. : “It was such a good party, I like it all – the theater and the present”.  Roma (14 y.o.): “Its my first time at this holiday. Thank you for all people who organized this for us!” Jenia (14 y.o.): “It was really interesting. The play was good, we all were emphatic for the characters, and were glad about the happy end. Then we were given the presents. Thank you to everyone!”

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