Assistance during the war in Ukraine in 2022

In February 2022, great sorrow has came to our country. A large-scale, brutal war that spares no one…

From the very beginning of the military invasion by the Russian Federation, our Foundation has mobilized all its efforts to save the victims. Our mandate is to support people in difficult life circumstances. And now almost all Ukrainians find themselves in such circumstances.

Thousands of migrants from other cities and regions of Ukraine who suffered from the bombings or were captured by the occupiers arrive to Odessa. Many have lost loved ones or their homes destroyed. Many do not have the money and the necessary things. They try to save their lives and health.

Our efforts are focused on two areas:

1) Emergency assistance to families of migrants, mainly women with children. We meet them, provide them with transit housing in our social dormitories with complete hot meals, provide them with everything they need to leave (clothes, medicines, hygiene items, etc.). There are psychologists and tutors who hold trainigs and creative classes with children: pottery, drawing, hand-honey, various games. This is very important because it distracts them from sad thoughts and alleviates the effects of stress.

Every day we take groups of migrants to border checkpoints (Moldova, Romania), where they are met by our partners and accommodated in other countries. We also help migrants travel to other countries by evacuation by train or bus. Thanks to this, more than 1,000 Ukrainians have already been placed abroad in safety.

The number of refugees who receive comprehensive services: food, temporary housing and transportation by minibus to travel abroad, up to 60 people per day.

We have found good partners in Moldova, Romania, Germany, France and in other countries who meet our wards, help them find housing, help and draw up documents. All the families are very happy with how they were received there and send us photos from European cities.

2) Prevention of the humanitarian crisis in Odessa. We have launched a social cafe on our premises, hired professional chefs and volunteers. Every day we prepare and distribute hot lunches (more than 300 portions) and thousands of different pastries, food and hygiene packs for hundreds of vulnerable families in Odessa, we deliver lunches and our artesian water to our volunteers at military checkpoints. We have also improved the arrangement of bomb shelters near the Foundation’s premises for the comfortable stay of people there.

All our employees work in their places. Several women from our Crisis Center also took part in cooking.

We also began to work with the reception and distribution of humanitarian aid to low-income families: clothing, footwear, hygiene products for the most vulnerable families in Odessa and Mikolayiv.

If you need help, contact us! Housing for migrants: +380 66932 83 31, Inna (Odessa, Sofiivska, 10). Travel abroad: +38063 448 2038 Ksenia Support outside Ukraine: +38097 296 4349 (Viber, Telegram) Tamara Legal advice: +38098 406 3143 Victor Food and humanitarian aid: +380502426765 Olga

If you are ready to support our initiative:



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