“Way Home” Charity Foundation is not participating in any political games!

For over 200 years, Odessa Charity Foundation “Way Home” is being a leader of the social services in Odessa city and region, providing social services to the children and families n difficult life circumstances.

All of these years the Foundation is constantly announcing it’s position: we are standing out of politics. It was like that and it will be like that no matter what.

Recently The Foundation was drawn into the situation that can harm its image, if we leave it without our response. THE FUND NEVER SUPPORTS ANY REPRESENTATIVES OF ANY POLITICAL FORCE!!!

Working in the field of the social help, we are constantly interacting and cooperating with the local power establishments and municipal organizations. Recently after realizing our neutral political position, some of the power representatives (members of parliament and other officials) started sending the Foundation clear signs that if we do not support them, we will not have any interactions with the governmental structures anymore and all cooperation between the Fund and the local government.

It is the city and its people who would suffer from this boycott. For example in case of the HIV-testing pilot project, that implements rapid-testing and HIV-counseling in all Centers of social and medical help of the city, – how many people will not be able to receive the            services? Over 300 children from crisis families as well as many IDP children and families would suffer from this boycott, – people who receive the services of the “Way Home” Foundation every day!

We are sure soon we will experience the “strict attention” from the controlling organizations, trying to find mistakes in our work. And also we are ready to experience the informational impact from the affiliated media, who would openly lie about us. This all will be consequences of the negative reaction of the local government to our official position to stay away from politics.

No matter what, the “Way Home” will not change its position. We are social services charity organization and will never take any part in any political games on any level. Instead, we are working to improve the quality of life of the people – children and families – in difficult life situations.


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