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It is very difficult to sustain the work of all the centers of the “Way Home” Charity Foundation by ourselves. That is why we are constantly asking for the support from all the people who care of the children from the difficult and crisis families.

Oxana Secundant from Odessa, is helping children from the “Way Home” for a long time. Today she presented fleece costumes for the children from the Fund. Children will wear them with pleasure.

Also, the businessperson Sergey Gorobets (“Servig” company) brought food supplies for the children.

Dear friends and helpers, thank you very much for your help and support of the children.

Responsibility is a feature of the high level of a human being. Before, generosity was the regular quality of a human, but now not so many people have this quality and can be called Humans. Only with the common efforts, we can attain the results of the upbringing the children.

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