We gave children a Holiday!

Decemer 26, 2018, the “Way Home” Fund completed it’s 10th annual Charity marathon “Let’s bring the children the holiday!”.

This marathon was different from others. The organizers decided to give the children gadgets as presents for the New Year.

We live in the times if the internet technologies and it is important for the children to have an access to the information and educational data in order to be able to change their present life situation for the better one.

The “Way Home” in collaboration with the Advocate council of Odessa collected funds for the gadgets for all the schoolchildren living in the “Way Home”.

The college students of the Fund also received the laptops that can be used for their studies.

These long waited presents were given to the children by the representatives of the advocate Council of Odessa region, Alexander Mukhonin and Alexander Kozlov, that visited the children of the Fund.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the marathon! Thanks to your assistance, the children’s dreams came true! We could really bring the atmosphere of the holiday to the children!

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