We gave the children summer vacation!

The work of the annual summer camp of the 2018 was completed. The camp was open for the children from the families in crisis. The closing happen on August 22 by the Pirates Party. Now the children are coming back to Odessa to start preparing for the new school year. We hope that the children had many happy days at the sea coast of the camp!

The Camp had three turns, 21 days each. This year 108 children had their vacation at the sea coast of the Camp, living at the camp-side 5 minutes from the sea. Every day children went to the sea, played games, built sand sculptures, and swam. At the camp-side they did sports, draw, wrote, had educational games and sports.

Also, there was a traditional “greet action” – cleaning the coast side from garbage. The “Way Home” is organizing the “green action” days since 2007.

This is the 12th Summer camp of the “Way Home” Odessa Charity Foundation, organized to provide summer vacations for the children from poor families and families in crisis.

A lot of attention during the summer camp is dedicated to the physical education of the children. Each day always starts with the physical training, apart from this, the boys attended sport classes and the girls – dancing classes.

Also, there were dances and parties at the camp. Disco and other dancing events were happening here often.

The summer camp had completed its mission for this year and a lot of children could receive great impressions and positive emotions from the summer that will definitely live inside the children for quite long!

The summer rest for the children became possible also with the active help of people of Odessa who care for the children of the Fund. Your wish to help means a lot for the children! With the common efforts we could give the children great vacation this year!

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