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We help children and adults that find themselves in crisis to change their lives for better



Children Department OCF “Way Home” includes a complex of works concerning rehabilitation and social adaptation for street children, children and adolescents from crisis and low-income families, and more recently with children from internally displaced families from war zone in East of Ukraine. In all centers of “Way Home”, depending on needs of children and adolescents, psychologists, social workers, art therapists, teachers, lawyers and other professionals provide for them convenient services.
In “Large Family”, shelter children from crisis and low-income families and internally displaced families with their children are provided with temporary accommodation and meals in social hostel. In same time, children are admitted to schools and preschool kids are selected into various centers of children development and creativity, such as: “Smile”, “Sunrise” and “Sprout.” Leisure time of children in “Way Home” is organized in form of permanent and various optional lessons, sport sections and groups of interests, such as: dance classes, drama school, football section, children’s jewelry workshop, sewing classes, repair and carpentry workshop, pottery studio, art therapy, school of journalism, English language courses, additional classes in humanities and exact sciences, and so on. In all variety of optional lessons and sportive sections can participate not only Foundation kids, but also all guests or visitors – doors of “Way Home” are always open for everyone.
OCF “Way Home” works in field of public health for benefit of Odessa and its’ oblast’. During 16 years, Department of HIV / AIDS prevention of OCF “Way Home”, implements big variety of programs aimed at struggling HIV / AIDS and other socially dangerous diseases, as well as introducing harm reduction programs for injecting drug users. Actual programs includes a plurality of components, from simplest one, as provision of sterile equipment for testing on HIV, Hepatitis C and tuberculosis. These programs are implemented not only in Odessa, but also in other populated locality of Odessa oblast’, such as – Iljichyovsk and Ismail.

“Way Home” Foundation team never stops on achieved results, and always looks for new challenges, helps those who are in need to find their own way home!

OCF “Way Home” for many years has been a leader of labour market of social services of Odessa and its’ oblast’. Foundation collaborates with public institutions and with many leading non-governmental organizations. Foundation specialists regularly take part in official meetings of various committees and initiative groups on different levels of governance. 
Annually “Way Home” admits many students from various faculties referring to social direction of Ukrainian and foreign universities to pass an internship; Foundation gets help for children from all over the world through volunteers that arrive. “Way Home” Foundation was nominee and rewarded as a winner of Ukrainian and international awards and honors for its active social work.




Help for children

Work to children

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Help to drugusers

Help to drugusers

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Internally Displaced Persons Assistance

Internally Displaced Persons Assistance

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Our work in figures

children from way home have been able to study in universities since 2007
internaly displaced persons and their families have been getting help since April 2014
people who have asked for help OCF "The Way Home" department of HIV / AIDS prevention, since the founding of the Foundation.

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