We stand for the healthy lifestyle!

November 1. 2018, the “Way Home” Odessa charity Foundation together with the governmental Center for the services to the families, children and youth (Limanski regional administration) organized the quest for the youth “We stand for the healthy lifestyle”. 

The participants of the quest were the senior school children from the three local settlements: Kurisovo, Pershotravneve and Dobronrav. The schoolchildren divided themselves into groups, five people each, in order to answer the questions on the healthy lifestyle. The questions included the knowledge on the socially dangerous diseases, as well as on the consumption of the psychoactive substances. The separate part of the quest was dedicated to teaching the children the first aid skills.

The participants of the quest were very active during the whole event. They could also see that the  theoretic  knowledge is often not enough for acting right in the critical situation: the group that was leading in the theory, failed in practical work. It was a good lesson to everyone.

The quest revealed the importance of an everyday maintenance of the healthy lifestyle for children and adults, the need to keep the physical health and the positive emotional state as well as the possibility to establish and maintain the healthy relations with other people without any aspects of risky behavior.

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