Women for women

April 3, 2017. The “Way Home” Foundation conducted a constituent meeting of the working group of the project “Women for Women”.

The project is working within the project of the Charity Organization “Convicts Ukraine” “The mobilization of the IDP women against the home and gender violence” with the support of the European Commission.

The constituent meeting gathered the partners of the project: the head of the Juvenile Justice of Odessa region, the police colonel, Vitali Kapulyak; the chief inspector of the juvenile prevention, captain Yuli Gaidardgi. Also, the other stake holders were present: the head of the “Social Center for the mother and the child” Elena Tabakova, Odessa employment Center representatives.

The final mechanism of cooperation among the parts was confirmed and the responsible were designated. The project is aimed to provide psychological and social services for the IDP women who have suffered from violence. The project is also aimed to pay attention of the government to the situations of the home and gender violence. Within the project, it is planned to make a research of the present situation on the spreading of the different types of violence within the IDP families and the abilities to confront. The needs of IDP women, who suffered the violence will be analyzed and recorded.

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