Women’s Protection Center

The Way Home Foundation under the financial support of Ursula Zindel-Hilti Foundation is holding a project on the women and children protection from the domestic violence.

The Center assists and supports the women that became the victims of all types of the domestic violence: physical, psychooigical, financial, sexual.

The Center provide legal, psychological and medical help for their clients.

The Center is organised as a short-term shelter for the violence victims who are afraid of the further violence from their partners. Apart from the specialists offices, the center has common places, like a kitchen, living room, cleaning room and a room for the children. The pilot project exists with no governmental support. However the project is cooperating with the City Family and Youth Social Service and the City Children Social service.

Also, professional teachers, logopeds, psychologists work here with the children – the victims of violence, in order to minimise the home violence harm on the children.

The slogan of the new project is: Happy mother – happy child!

Video about Center:

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